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Install on Local Server


  1. Download and install NodeJS
  2. Download and install MongoDB
  3. Sign up for an account on Sendgrid. Free tier (100emails per day) is enough to run the application. Choose a paid plan if 100/day is not enough for you.
We will later look at how to setup Sendgrid after creating an account

Run on local server

  1. Open your preferred terminal or command prompt(windows).
  2. Navigate to onpoint folder
  3. Now let's install the application's dependencies. Type npm install  and hit enter.
  4. Create EXPRESS_SECRET environment variable for express session middleware. Replace <value> with any string of letters and numbers
## MacOS and Linux
export EXPRESS_SECRET=<value>
## Windows
set EXPRESS_SECRET=<value>

5. Type npm run start and hit enter to start the development server.

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